Image of Men's Plus Size King Tut Costume ID FUN7309PL-4X

Men's Plus Size King Tut Costume ID FUN7309PL-4X

Deadly Handsome First of all, don't panic. As a smart, persistent archaeologist, you've spent years and years researching your hunches and convincing the world that a forgotten pharaoh's tomb has yet to be discovered. Finally - finally! - you've gotten some attention and funding and are able to prove your theory. But wait! Just as you've brushed the last bit of desert sand from a hidden door bearing the name "Tutankhamun," a close friend runs panting to your side, shouting for you to stop. Don't you know, he asks, that all pharaohs' tombs are cursed?  Well, yes. They are cursed. That's true. However, good old King Tut isn't the unleash-the-mummy's-fury kind of guy. He's lonely and bored, and eager for some well-deserved fame. In gratitude for uncovering his tomb, he's decided to confer on you a different kind of curse - the curse of being irresistably attractive to any woman you meet!  Product Details While we may not be able to exactly replicate King Tut's exact curse (Dang it, man, we're costume sellers, not sorcerers!) we're confident that with the help of our exclusive Plus Size King Tut Costume for Men, your natural charisma will be just as good at wooing the ladies! The outfit includes a comfortable ivory tunic with an attached sheer blue cape that goes underneath a flattering belt complete with a hieroglyphic-printed drape. A regal collar clasps around your lordly shoulders. As a crowning touch, a gold and blue headdress protects your head from the hot equatorial sun. Now, who's up for a chariot race?  Pharaoh's Reward Aren't you glad you listened to us and opened the pharaoh's tomb? Ever since his relics were discovered, King Tut has granted you the gift of killer good looks. All that attention can be overwhelming at times, but we think you'll manage!   

Price: USD 64.99

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