Image of Men's OppoSuits Flamingo Suit ID OSOSUI0047-44

Men's OppoSuits Flamingo Suit ID OSOSUI0047-44

The new guy in town Men, women, and children all of ages, there's somebody we'd like to introduce you to. The Flaminguy. He's not anyone special, and in fact, can be anybody. Anybody who wears this Opposuits original flamingo suit! Whether you're jet-setting to south Florida, spending a night at the Florida Room in Portland PDX, or are just planning on having a front yard party with your favorite lawn decorations right at home, this bold suit is the perfect choice for your adventure. It will be like taking a tropical vacation without even having to set foot on an airplane. And if you're worried that this is just a costume suit that won't make it through your important meeting, event, or rendezvous, let us assure you—this is a real suit. It's meant to be worn for all kinds of suit laden occasions, and will have you standing out when the times call for a suit that is more than ordinary.  Fun Details In all seriousness, this is the Opposuits Flaminguy suit. (Flamingo+guy, get it?) Slim tit style and a real suit, this dynamic suit set has some serious attention to detail. It's 100 percent polyester, and includes the jacket, tie, and pants. The tie is a skinny tie (obviously) and the pants are hemmed long to look great with sneakers. With flamingos all-over everywhere, it's sure to become your go-to summer look. Flaminguy guaranteed With Opposuits meticulous attention to detail, and the amazing Flamingo all-over print featured on this suits set, we're sure wearing it to your next event means you're going to have a great time. Because you're going to be the Flaminguy like no other. We think that much is Flaminguaranteed!

Price: USD 99.99