Image of Marine Auxiliary Machinery ID 101159781483100012

Marine Auxiliary Machinery ID 101159781483100012

Author - Smith, David W.
Military Science - Technology - 2016/01/01 - Butterworth-Heinemann
Marine Auxiliary Machine: Sixth Edition explains the correct operation and maintenance of marine auxiliary machinery. The book discusses topics such as the arrangements of the engine and boiler room; pipes and fittings and pumps; compressors and separators; and heat exchangers - its types, control of temperature, and maintenance. The book also talks about other machineries such as diesel engines, steam turbines, propellers, and gears; refrigeration and air conditioning systems; deck machinery; and safety equipment. The text is recommended for engineers in ships who would like to know more about the auxiliary machines onboard ships, how they are operated, and the principles behind them.

Price: USD 58.39

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