Image of Maid for You Women's Costume ID PKPK2235-XL

Maid for You Women's Costume ID PKPK2235-XL

Sweeping Beauty You've never been that excited to dress up like a princess. You value your independence too much to play a character that sits around and waits to be rescued. And sure, some princess's stories have started to portray them as more than just the damsel in distress, but the whole "crown and ballgown" thing just isn't your style anyway. In fact, you'd much prefer to wear a black dress instead of a pink one, and you'd always choose an apron over a tiara. Although some might question your choice to dress like the person who cleans the throne rather than the one who sits on it, you know that maids have their own type of power. Besides, you enjoy being the one sweeping others off their feet, and this outfit will let you do just that! Product Details There's no time for napping! Transform yourself into a sweeping beauty with this Maid for You Costume! This ensemble starts with a shiny black dress that zips down the back and buttons at the neck. White lace edging adorns the hems, and faux pearl buttons add classy detail. The white apron is attached to a belt that secures with hook and loop fastener and features an oversized bow in the back. A matching headband is included to complete the costume. And of course, the last piece is a feather duster accessory that is sure to help you get the job done, no matter what kind of mess you're facing!

Price: USD 99.99

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