Image of Logitech Z407 21 PC speaker Bluetooth® Corded 40 W Black

Logitech Z407 21 PC speaker Bluetooth® Corded 40 W Black

Experience impressive sound again - wirelesslyThe power of 80 watts together with precise digital signal processing (DSP) provides for an immersive, lifelike sound experience. Enjoy crystal-clear highs, powerful mid-range and rich bass. With the wireless speakers positioned vertically and horizontally, you can determine your sound and style. Adjust bass and volume from the other end of the room. Place your speakers vertically or horizontally. Connect your speakers via Bluetooth®, Micro-USB or 3.5 mm port or switch between the three connection modes. Even from the other end of the room.Bass meets clarityThanks to 20 watt bass and DSP you get exactly the right balance between depth and clarity. The downward facing subwoofer provides for particularly powerful depths in music, films and games with full, clear sound.An immersive sound experienceExperience intensive, true-to-life 80 watt sound with clear trebles, powerful middle and rich depths - without compromising on the basses. DSP and high performance provide a balanced sound profile and enhanced bass, so the entire sound spectrum is clearly audible.Rules. Rock.Why a range of 20 meters? With a range of 20 meters, you can use the wireless control to control the sound from the other end of the room. Press and rotate it for playback, pause, Stummschaltung1Die mute works when connected via the 3.5 mm connector. Play/pause/skip/back function when connected via USB or Bluetooth. The audio controls may be different when playing certain LIVE content via USB/Bluetooth.and adjust volume and bass. All with a single controller. It's easy. You don't even have to get up.So, so, or so.Anything but clunky. The oval shaped, slim loudspeakers in graphite gray are both esthetic and space-saving. Place it vertically or horizontally as desired. Thanks to the compact dimensions, they can even be positioned under the monitor to save space. Use them to create your space.3 connection typesThe choice is yours. You can connect up to three devices via Bluetooth, micro USB and 3.5 mm input. Use the button on the bottom of the controller to switch between wired connections (3.5 mm and micro USB). You can quickly switch back to Bluetooth with the Bluetooth button.This text is machine translated.

Price: EUR 115.00

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