Image of Logitech Hyperion Fury G402 Gaming mouse USB Optical Black 8 Buttons Backlit

Logitech Hyperion Fury G402 Gaming mouse USB Optical Black 8 Buttons Backlit

Fusion Engine for ultra-fast scanningSophisticated sensor technology for ultra-fast gaming. Hyperion Fury combines an optical sensor with Logitech's Delta Zero™ technology and our exclusive Fusion Engine™ Hybrid sensor for scanning speeds of more than 500 IPS.8 programmable buttonsAdjust the keys to your playing style. Adjust your mouse with 8 programmable buttons. Whether you want to throw a grenade or need quick access to your inventory, all options are just a push of a button away. The optional Logitech gaming software simplifies the setup.Dpi switching during playing4 settings for better control of your game. Quickly switch between four DPI settings. Take an enemy from a distance (250 dpi) and then disappear at lightning speed (4000 dpi). The sensitivity that can be adjusted in the game allows you to react flexibly and precisely to the chaos of the battlefield.32-bit ARM processorSmarter than ever. The Hyperion Fury's integrated ARM processor powers the Fusion Engine for incredible scanning speeds while allowing you to store and trigger your favorite macros. With the Logitech gaming software you can create and assign macros, which you can easily access with the Hyperion Fury.Signal rate of 1 millisecondPermanent communication at a signal rate of 1 millisecond, you can be sure that your movements are communicated over USB at lightning speed and without annoying delay.Comfortable designMaximum comfort for maximum playing time. The design of the Hyperion Fury is based on the classic form of the G400s and offers even more functions and ease of use. A combination of lightweight materials and rubberized grips ensures that each gaming session can last as long as possible.High-speed clicksExtreme responsiveness gives you the decisive advantage. Distinctive left and right mouse buttons enable extremely responsive. With high-speed clicks, you can improve your skills and fully play your advantage in intense fire fighting. Hyperion Fury makes the difference with faster and more convenient clicks.This text is machine translated.

Price: EUR 70.99

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