Image of Legal Reminders for Architects ID 101159781483278285

Legal Reminders for Architects ID 101159781483278285

Author - Phillips, Elizabeth
Administrative Law & Regulatory Practice - Law - 2014/05/01 - Butterworth-Heinemann
Legal Reminders for Architects provides a basic introduction to the range of legislation which encompasses all planning and building work in England and Wales. The book contains a summary of each law that may affect an architect, and where appropriate, suggestions for a suitable procedure to follow. It also explains less well known terms in planning, building, and employment. The text is organized into 19 chapters, which elucidates the legislation on such aspects as town and country planning, site appraisal, building control, and health and safety. The laws governing the conduct of businesses and partnerships, the employment protection law, and building regulations are elaborated as well. This book is intended for use by architects and architectural students.

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