Image of LS2 FF906 Advant Iron Matt White Black Jeans-06 Modular Helmet Talla 2XL

LS2 FF906 Advant Iron Matt White Black Jeans-06 Modular Helmet Talla 2XL

LS2 FF906 Advant Iron Matt White Black Jeans-06 Modular Helmet Ready to switch up your riding experience? The LS2 FF906 Advant is here to deliver! This convertible helmet, with its 180º rotating chin guard, offers unmatched protection, comfort, and convenience, all in one. Crafted from KPA material, it promises lightness without compromising on safety. Perfect for any ride and every weather condition, the FF906 Advant comes equipped with a wide anti-scratch visor, Pinlock Max Vision, and a drop-down sun visor. Whether you're cruising city streets or exploring country roads, this helmet is designed to adapt to all your riding needs. LS2 FF906 Advant: Detailed Specs for the Discerning Rider * Micrometric Metal Buckle: This provides a secure fit every time, ensuring your helmet stays in place, no matter the ride. * Emergency Release System: Designed for quick removal in case of an emergency, adding an extra layer of safety. * Reinforced Chin Strap: Offering additional security and peace of mind, this strap ensures your helmet is always a perfect fit. * Reflective Safety Patch: Enhancing visibility for nighttime rides, making sure you’re seen and safe. * Multi-Density EPS: Provides superior impact absorption, distributing force more effectively in the event of a crash. * Channelled EPS: This feature allows for better airflow, keeping you cool and comfortable. * Twin Visor System: Gives you the flexibility of a clear visor for night riding and a tinted sun-visor for daytime adventures. * Quick Release System: Makes changing visors a breeze, no tools needed. * Comfort Liner: Removable, washable, breathable, hypoallergenic, and laser-cut foam for the perfect fit – it's all about your comfort. Unbox the Extras with the LS2 FF906 Advant * Carrying Backpack: Transport your helmet in style and protect it from the elements. * Pinlock Max Vision: Say goodbye to foggy visors and hello to crystal clear vision on every ride. * Reflective Labels: For that extra visibility, these labels ensure you stand out, especially during night rides. Intrigued by the LS2 FF906 Advant and want to know more? Contact us () for details. Or if you're eager to explore more, check out our wide range of options on our LS2 Helmets () page.
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Price: EUR 314.10

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