Image of LS2 FF811 Vector II Kamo Glossy Black Blue-06 Full Face Helmet Size S EN

LS2 FF811 Vector II Kamo Glossy Black Blue-06 Full Face Helmet Size S EN

LS2 FF811 Vector II Kamo GL.Black Blue-06 Full Face Helmet The LS2 FF811 Vector II is a top-of-the-line full-face helmet, perfect for urban/street motorcyclists. Full-face helmets offer the best overall protection, covering you completely from top to chin. This is why you mainly see full-face helmets on the racetrack. If safety is your priority when choosing a new helmet, then the FF811 Vector II Carbon is an excellent choice. Not your style? No problem, we have a wide range of LS2 full-face motorcycle helmets in our collection. () Detailed Specifications of the LS2 FF811 Vector II  * Micrometric Metal Buckle: Safe and user-friendly, it can even be operated with gloves for easy adjustments. * Emergency Release Cheek Pads: For added safety, allowing them to be quickly removed in emergency situations. * Excellent Ventilation: With multiple intake and exhaust ports to keep you fresh and cool. * Removable and Washable Interior: Keep your helmet fresh and hygienic, ready for every ride. * Graphic Design and Gloss Finish: This black helmet has a striking design that will surely attract attention! Extras with the LS2 FF811 Vector II  * Metal Safety Plate: For added durability and safety. * Reflective Safety Patch: Increases your visibility for extra safety during night rides. * Twin Visor System: For versatility and clear vision, with a quick-change system, scratch- and UV-resistant. * Magnetic Smart Pull-Tab: For easy opening and closing, even with gloves on. Want to know more about the LS2 FF811 Vector II? Contact us (). Interested in more helmets? Then check out our range on the LS2 Helmets () category page.
Black - Fiberglass / fiber mix

Price: AUD 339.74

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