Image of Israel's Original Sin Volume II ID 101169781462809707

Israel's Original Sin Volume II ID 101169781462809707

Author - Richard J. Rolwing
Israel - Middle East - 2002/06/14 - XLIBRIS
WAS THE GOD OF JOSHUA THE GOD OF JESUS? A relook at modern Israel's roots in ancient Israel, salva- tion history, biblical inspiration, partial revelation, imperfect theology, and misguided leaders among Jews, Muslims, and Christians. It asks, considering Mohammed, Ben Gurion, and Harry Truman, if Joshua has not had as much influence on western civilization as Jesus. "What on earth is God doing in the Middle East?" Do Uncle Sam and his protoge Israel justify divine providence in human history? Do victories in war and success in business prove God's blessing, and do failures in finance and disasters in health (Aids) manifest God's displeasure? How does Christ's cross (theology) fit into history (politics)? "This book is indeed thoughtful and creative. It highlightsthe need for all of us today to be much more self-critical; especially for us Christians to see how domination theology has been a part of our own approach." Fr. (Dr.) James Bacik, author of Apologetics and the Eclipse of Mystery.

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