Image of Interference Book One (Dr Who Series) ID 100179781301415175

Interference Book One (Dr Who Series) ID 100179781301415175

Author - Lawrence Miles
Adventure Sci Fi - Science Fiction - 2013/06/13 - Smashwords Edition
(Be warned that INTERFERENCE Books I and II are not actually separate, distinct books. This is not a story and its sequel. This is one story split across two books. This should be read straight through as though it were one 600-page book. Do not be expecting a large cliffhanger at the end of Book I because there isn't one there. Book I simply sets up the story and gets us halfway to the conclusion. Do not buy Book I and expect a complete work.)INTERFERENCE is a startlingly vast undertaking. It pushes the limits of what can and cannot be discussed in a Doctor Who story, and the book is all the richer for it. And while it doesn't manage to quite grasp everything it reaches for, what it does achieve is both powerful and thought provoking. The book definitely has an epic feel to it, although as it's the "first ever full-length two-part Doctor Who novel" it would be a disappointment if this were not the case. The story reaches over several thousand years and intersects the Doctor's personal timeline twice. It's complicated and told from several viewpoints. It has fairly heavy themes and the attitude running through it gives it a very important feel. The atmosphere that becomes built up (particularly effective in the opening sections) makes for a spellbinding and captivating read.

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