Image of ID DEEDZ92556B Dee Zee Wedge Transfer Tank (BlackTread) - DZ92556B

ID DEEDZ92556B Dee Zee Wedge Transfer Tank (BlackTread) - DZ92556B

Liquid Transfer Tank; Volume 76.2 gallons; L 56 in. x W 20 in. x H 20 in.; Wedge shape; Black-tread aluminum; California Residents: WARNING If you need a way to transport water or other non-flammable fluids with your fifth wheel, but would like clear access and visibility to your hitch, check out the Dee Zee Wedge Transfer tank. Constructed of heavy gauge Black-Tread aluminum with radius curve design to eliminate key weld pressure points. Fluid sloshing and surging is a serious concern when transporting higher volumes of fluids. The effect heavy fluids can have on vehicle control as they move around the tank can be downright dangerous. Our tanks feature 3 stability baffles, to reduce this surging and add stability during driving. A lockable cap adds security while a .375 drainage plug and venting coupler make draining fluids a simple task when needed.

Price: USD 1040.99