Image of ID AL737TKIT Patriotic Swooper Flag Kit - Stars On Top

ID AL737TKIT Patriotic Swooper Flag Kit - Stars On Top

Why Buy a Patriotic Swooper Flag Kit? When traffic is busy and drivers are intent on getting where they need to go, it can be hard to get their attention. The Patriotic Swooper Flag Kit might be just what you need!Its 15’ height is taller than most other promotional flags or patriotic flags and banners – tall enough that you should take care in its placement and be aware of trees or other overhead clearance issues. The Patriotic Swooper Flag Kit features a bold stars-and-stripes pattern with your choice of stars at the top or along one side.The Patriotic Swooper Flag Kit anchors securely with a heavy-gauge, ½” diameter, 25” long steel spike that’s pointed at one end for easy insertion into grass or dirt (not hard surfaces). The ground spike has a steel sleeve attached, into which the bottom section of the flagpole can be seated.The Swooper flagpole kit itself is 15’ in height, with four 47” long tapering section. The bottom section is 1 1/8” diameter at its base; the next section is 1” diameter at its base, and the third section is 7/8” diameter. The topmost section is ¾” in diameter and is curved to give the Swooper Flag its unique shape. The sections are designed to join snugly with each other, while the top section is designed to easily swing and rotate to follow prevailing winds.The Swooper flag is fashioned from heavy-duty nylon fabric and measures 11.5’ x 2’. It features bold digital printing that penetrates 95 percent through to the reverse side, and a double row of stitching on all sides for long wear. The pole sleeve is a rip-proof design, with a nylon rope at the bottom end for attachment to the flagpole.Please note: The Patriotic Swooper Flag Kit may take 5-7 business days to arrive.Got questions? Just call Carrot-Top at 800-628-3524 and one of our trained, friendly customer care professionals will be happy to answer them for you. 

Price: USD 82.00