Image of ID AB410GEN US Veteran Aluminum Grave Marker

ID AB410GEN US Veteran Aluminum Grave Marker

<p>The Aluminum veteran grave markers are available in nine different designs. Eight of the designs are based on wars fought by U.S Armed Forces, the ninth design is a general U.S Veteran grave marker designed to represent all soldiers who were part of the American military and their campaigns. The grave marker designs honor veterans of the following wars: Korea, Vietnam, World War I, World War II, Persian Gulf War, Mexican-American War, Indian War and the Spanish-American War. All of the aluminum veteran grave markers come with a 20&rdquo; long&nbsp;rod to be used in-ground for an upright display. They are also fitted with secure lugs to hold a cemetery flag with a staff diameter of 3/8&rdquo;.&nbsp;</p><p>Also see our full collection of <a href=>military and memorial products</a> including <a href=>military flags</a>, <a href=>Veteran flags</a> and <a href=>flag cases for storing interment flags</a>. Browse through and pick out an <a href=>American flag</a> to fit your needs for a great patriotic display. Our military products also include support items like the <a href=>Support Our Troops flag</a> and <a href=>yellow ribbon products</a>. For more information about these grave markers or any other products seen on the website contact a Customer Care Professional at 800-628-3524.</p>

Price: USD 21.75