Image of ID 687577047 14 White Wedding Centerpieces

ID 687577047 14 White Wedding Centerpieces

The romantic combination these roses and Baby's breath, Flower Arrangements White Roses and Baby's Breath Centerpieces, express the love, happiness and a long lasting relationship that can last for a life!! Most wedding centerpieces should use a vase that measures 5" to 11" inches in height with an opening of 3" to 6" inches wide. You may adjust the distance across the flowers by tying the bouquet in the center or allowing it to stand on its own in the vase depending on the look you want. In all wedding/or special occasion, please order your flowers at least 10 days before the delivery date. Your wedding flowers and wedding roses are shipped absolutely fresh, direct from the greenhouses to you via FedEx or UPS.

Price: USD 212.00

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