Image of ID 502983756 All Natural California Roll - Surimi Sushi

ID 502983756 All Natural California Roll - Surimi Sushi

A California roll is a fairly familiar incarnation of Japanese cooking; an approachable combination of avocado, crab meat and asparagus makes them a big crowd pleaser. Instead of real crab meat, we use Surimi, a delicious replacement with a lower price point and a more durable texture. A light sprinkling of toasted white sesame seeds tops off the package with a little crunch and aesthetic appeal. Sushi is a traditional Japanese food, ranging in quality and flavor from a delicacy to a quick snack, our rolls are a happy combination of both. We make our hand rolled sushi with all natural ingredients because they have the most to offer in flavor and texture. But, we prepare them for you, so they are completely hassle free on your end, and can be enjoyed any time. Serve a plate of these delicious rolls to any group of guests, no matter if they are unfamiliar or well versed in Japanese cooking, they will all be coming back for more. Always allow frozen products to thaw completely in the refrigerator before serving. 

Price: USD 59.52

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