Image of ID 1309828091 Mambobaby Baby Swim Float

ID 1309828091 Mambobaby Baby Swim Float

Features:??Swim Trainer Float for 3-24 Months Baby??Featuring up to 52cm chest circumference, the swimming float is suitable for 3-24 months old baby boys and baby girls, and can bring your baby a joyful swimming time.??Non Inflatable Baby Swimming Float??Made of environmentally friendly pearl foam liner, IPX8 waterproof PVC cover and soft 3D fabric surface, the infant pool float has large floatage, and is comfortable and skin-friendly. No need pump, no air leakage and never sink. Easier to use and more secure.??Safer Baby Swim Float??With five-way safety buckle, the baby swim float can prevent baby fall out and not easy to side turn, safe and reliable to use. The detachable tail float can increase buoyancy and prevent backward.??Raised Headrest??The raised headrest not only can prevent baby from choking water, but also allows baby rest comfortably and has a more comfortable swimming posture.??Cute Baby Swim Float??Bright color design and with cute pattern at front side, baby will love this swimming float at first sight. With this swim float, baby can enjoy the fun of summer swimming freely.

Price: USD 119.99

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