Image of ID 1300839777 Handheld Printer Portable Inkjet Printer

ID 1300839777 Handheld Printer Portable Inkjet Printer

Features:Intelligent Inkjet Printer: 600DPI high definition printing, 2-12.7cm font height, real restore image effect. High performance integrated chip, fast graphics processing, stable system and not stuck.HD Touchscreen: 4.3-inch touchscreen, upgraded interface, simple and smooth operation, powerful function. With 20 languages, which can be switched at will to meet the needs of different customers.High Quality Ink Cartridge: Original imported ink cartridge is adopted, which is quick-drying, with strong adhesion, waterproof, fireproof and friction resistant. Large capacity, can print about 300,000 characters.Large Capacity Battery: Built in 2500mAh detachable and rechargeable battery, with charger, once full charge can use 10 hours, long battery life, energy saving and environmental protection.Wide Application: It can print numbers, barcodes, trademarks, words, dates and label to cardboard, glass, ceramics, cable, plastic, pipe, aluminum material, etc.

Price: USD 450.11

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