Image of ID 1264317265 BARTH - Recovery & Treat 90 pcs

ID 1264317265 BARTH - Recovery & Treat 90 pcs

Brand from Japan: BARTH. Does not use any coloring agents or fragrances, but removes unnecessary materials and keeps the hot water neutral with its own technology, realizing that abundant bicarbonate ions can be dissolved in the hot water. Provide a hair, skin and body fatigue recovery experience-RECOVERY-and change the bath into a more luxurious time. Contains vitamin C, which neutralizes chlorine. How to use: Bicarbonate balneo treatment hot bath method: Dissolve 3 tablets in 160L of lukewarm water (37-40 ) as a guide. Recommend bathing for more than 15 minutes. Gently remove the body and scalp in hot water. There is no problem if you use it for hair washing and face washing. Can also be used in the shower.

Price: USD 103.80

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