Image of ID 1229477277 RenGuangDo - Total Elevation Eye Serum 20ml

ID 1229477277 RenGuangDo - Total Elevation Eye Serum 20ml

Brand from Hong Kong: RenGuangDo. Comprehensive and effective formula specially designed for all aspects of the eyes. From rejuvenation to brightening, and elevation to reduction of fine lines, adding resilience, elasticity. Suppleness to areas around the eyes, and achieve the ultimate youthful appearance. Argireline Pentapeptide 18: Excellent in suppression of metalloproteinases, to stimulate collagen hyperplasia and works to maintain elasticity and firmness around the eyes. Leuphasyl Acetyl Hexapeptide 8: Also known as Botox, effectively blocks the conduction between nerves and muscles and helps to relax tired muscles, smooths fine lines, wrinkles around the eyes and expression lines on the forehead. Sodium Hyaluronic: Superb water absorption capable of taking on between 400 to 1000 times its own weight. The larger the molecule, the better the water absorption. Upon usage, a water-locking film is formed on the surface of the skin, where smaller molecules can penetrate deeply into the skin and supplement the natural moisturizing of the skin. Larger and smaller molecules of the hyaluronic acid can work in tandem to help replenish moisture and prevent water loss. Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein: Maintains suppleness and radiance for severely dehydrated skin and instantly smooths fine lines. Sea Algae Extract: Replenishes moisture instantly for dehydrated skin, giving skin the water power for a perfectly smooth, hydrated, firm and elastic glow. How to use: Use morning and night by gently using the fingertips to massage from the outside and inwardly around areas of the eyes until serum is fully worked into the skin.

Price: USD 74.00

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