Image of ID 1229473547 Spa Treatment - Has I Micro Eye Patch 4 pairs

ID 1229473547 Spa Treatment - Has I Micro Eye Patch 4 pairs

Brand from Japan: Spa Treatment. It is made with the most advanced technology. It leads to the elasticize skin around the eyes by giving moisturize. Hyaluronic acid, HAS, B-glucan ingredients, giving moisturize to the skin and providing beautiful, younger and healthy looking skin. This is a muzzle-shaped needle-shaped sheet mask that combines HAS and B glucan based on the I Micro Patch. We lead to plump eyes with tension and moisture. Use as special care for older skin. How to use: After washing your face and using a lotion to prepare your skin, please use after your hands and face are dry. Open the aluminum pack and remove the sheet from the transparent case inside. Peel off the surrounding white protective sheet so as not to touch the protruding part in the center of the sheet. Place the sheet on the eyes, the outer corner of the eyes, the line of laughter, etc., and press it tightly against the sheet. Please perform normal care except for the area where the sheet is attached. At that time, make sure that oil such as cream does not stick to the sheet. Have a rest with the sheet attached, and slowly and carefully peel off the sheet the next morning. After that, perform normal care. Use once or twice a week.

Price: USD 114.60

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