Image of ID 1215812618 MIKIMOTO COSMETICS - Pearl Radiance Emulsion AA 30g

ID 1215812618 MIKIMOTO COSMETICS - Pearl Radiance Emulsion AA 30g

Brand from Japan: MIKIMOTO COSMETICS. Pearl Radiance Emulsion A.A. is a high-performance serum for the aging generation that gives the skin a moist and supple feeling from within and gives it a beautiful pearl-like luster. One drop of the emulsion, which comes out with a single push, has a unique texture reminiscent of pearls. The moment you gently touch it with your fingers, you will feel a high level of elasticity and plumpness. When spread out with fingers, it smoothly spreads over the skin and transforms into a clear and translucent serum. Main ingredients and technology Pearl Radiance Veil, a high penetration technology, is used. It helps moisturizing ingredients penetrate the skin and smoothes the skin surface. High-density technology Radiance Nano Capsule+ is used. Encapsulated moisturizing ingredients are delivered to the skin, leading to a dense beauty. Permeable Pearl Collagen *1, which has been miniaturized to the nano level, provides firmness and elasticity from the inside of the skin (stratum corneum). Pearl Conchiolin *2, an amino acid extracted from the mother-of-pearl layer, maintains the skin's moisture with its natural ability to retain water. Pearl Collagen *3, extracted from pearl oysters, retains moisture as it envelops the skin. Contains Pure Pearl Mineral *4 extracted from the pearl layer. Focusing on the skin's beauty cycle, it helps to maintain healthy skin. Hydrolyzed collagen (moisturizing ingredient) Hydrolyzed conchiolin (moisturizing ingredient) Succinoyl atelocollagen (moisturizing ingredient) Ingredients to condition skin with pearl minerals (Ca chloride, Na chloride, iron chloride, Mg chloride) How to use: After toning your skin with lotion, take 2 pushes of the product into your hands and lightly press your hands from the center of your face outward to blend. Apply 2 pumps to palm of hand. Using your fingertips, apply to five points on your face (chin tip, both cheeks, forehead, and tip of nose). Spread with both hands in a wrapping motion.

Price: USD 295.37