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ID 1213744353 M Bourbon by Macanudo

Following up the 2018 release of the first flavored cigar by Macanudo, the infused M by Macanudo, comes M Bourbon. The cigar harnesses the rich bourbon-flavors of the iconic Old Fashioned cocktail, with sweet, oaky notes, nuances of cherry and a hint of earthy, aromatic bitters. This is indeed a cigar that brings forth a mulitidude of taste sensations, and is an ideal indulgence for the cigar lover who seeks a unique departure from the everyday smoke. Binder: Ecuador, Bourbon Cigar, Bourbon Infused, Brand: M Bourbon, Brand: Macanudo, Country of Origin: Nicaragua, Dominican Cigars, Filler: Dominican, Infused, Infused Cigars, Length: 5, Length: 6, Length: 7, Macanudo, Medium Cigars, Mild Cigars, Packagin

Price: USD 1.00

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