Image of ID 1212987852 Sunki - Hair Follicle Reborn Serum 30ml

ID 1212987852 Sunki - Hair Follicle Reborn Serum 30ml

Brand from Hong Kong: Sunki. Unique patent formula Helps hair follicle cells grow The effect is remarkable Mild and non-irritant Simple and easy to use BTCNS patented formula helps HFDPC (human hair follicle dermal papilla cells) growth. The so-called HFDPC is a cell that has the function of a hair control tower. Proliferation and activation of this cell are essential for hair growth. Sapindus extract can be used to control oil and prevent bacterial growth. GHK-Cu, which is 2 times more expensive than gold. It increases the concentration of vascular endothelial growth factor, VEGF , and VGEF is thought to be associated with accelerated hair growth and increased hair follicles At the same time can promote the head skin's blood circulation and nutrient supply, inhibit the impact of hormone (DHT) on hair loss. Promote the hair follicle from dormant phase into the growth phase, and prolong the first long-term, but also increase the number of hair follicles and re-intensify hair follicle microvessels. While promoting the head skin's health to prevent hair loss and promote new hair growth healthily. However, it contains copper ions and can be hydrolyzed by natural proteins's enzymes, it can naturally regenerate hair. It has been proved by medical science that it is the most natural method for externally applied hair care. Tea Tree Water make the hairs bright and supple, also provide nutrients to hairs and hair follicle. At the same time the head skins' will retain the acidic protective film. It helps with dermatitis, severe dandruff, hair loss, or uneven growth. Caffeine prevents the hair loss caused by dihydrotestosterone and provides nutrients to hair roots to help prevent hair loss. HOTFLUX is a stable and safe ingredient. It is an oil-soluble heat-sensing agent that after contact with the skin of the head, it can quickly produce a mild and persistent pyrogenic effect. Including accelerating microcirculation, stimulating subcutaneous fat metabolism, and promoting capillary blood circulation. Main Ingredients: Pure Water, BTCNS , Sapindus extract, GHK-Cu, Tea Tree Water, Caffeine and HOTFLUX.

Price: USD 103.40

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