Image of I Am Joseph: Shepherd Dreamer Savior ID 111699781631101434

I Am Joseph: Shepherd Dreamer Savior ID 111699781631101434

Author - Cathleen Horrell
Adult - Inspiration & Meditation - 2015/07/15 - Cathleen M Horrell
As the Book of Genesis closes, the creation of the human person is complete. A person not just of spit and clay, flesh and blood, but a Self: the totality of all that we are, human and sacred. In I Am Joseph: Shepherd, Dreamer, Savior, the author weaves together the ever deepening layers of images found in the final thirteen chapters of the Creation story, known as the Joseph narrative. From the moment he is thrown into a pit in the wilderness by his jealous brothers, to his unlikely rise to become great vizier of Egypt, to the tearful reunion with his family, Joseph's journey reveals life lessons about suffering, loss, hardship and heartbreak as they give way to compassion and forgiveness, lessons as relevant today as they were to audiences throughout the centuries. Through trials of the heart and tests of endurance Joseph grows from a lowly shepherd boy lording his dreams over his family to a wise man who will shepherd his family to safety and save a hungry world from starvation. Joseph is for us, as he was for his family and the world, a shepherd for the soul's journey to a more fully realized humanity, a dreamer insisting on voicing the dream and savior to a world that is in the process of reimaging the depths of truths in its religious and spiritual heritage.

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