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I AM THE BLUES ID 101159780984020423

Author - Gorg, Gwyn
Biography, Non-Fiction - People And Places - 2012/03/01 - Pacific Lane Publishing
I Am The Blues is a story that depicts the evolution of the Blues from rhythmic drums in Africa merging into wails across the Middle Passage and morphing into calls and responses on the plantation fields. When freedom came, the drum rhythms and tones expanded to include new forms, instruments, and subsequently evolved into new genres. This music has been absorbed and transformed by people of many races and cultures into various musical forms: soul, rhythm and blues, pop, and techno, funk, country-western, and rap. I Am The Blues provides a way to educate and bring joy. I Am The Blues can be read as a catalyst for positive change, and the story encourages curiosity, excites the imagination, assists with self confidence, and teaches respect for oneself and others. This is a book for ages 8-108.

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