Image of Headmaster Wizard Wig and Beard for Adults ID FUN0664AD-ST

Headmaster Wizard Wig and Beard for Adults ID FUN0664AD-ST

What Lengths Must We Grow To? You may have spent long hours and longer years pouring over research and delving into worlds, too dark for some, with the goal of mentoring the next champion of all wizard-kind. If you have, chances are, you've probably missed a shave or two. The beard isn't getting a regular trim, which means the hair on your head hasn't met with a pair of sheers either. But you're doing the work of the next century and your beard and flowing mane should be worn as a badge of honor. Any self-respecting wizard would proudly wear a full beard as a mark of dedication, age, and wisdom in place of carrying a plaque or trophy boasting of some abstract recognition. Unfortunately, for some of us, growing a wispy mustache is hard enough—a full beard and shaggy mane are out of the question. So what can be done? Design & Details Magic spells promoting hair growth notwithstanding, not all of wizard-kind can get more than three hairs to sprout from their lip. To ensure you can sport the look of even the most revered wizard we've designed this Wizard Wig and Beard. In a fraction of the time it takes to grow, say a headmaster's beard, this Made By Us hair accessory will have you ready to boast an illustrious and productive history of magic without spending decades forgetting to shave or groom your hair and face. Ready for Anything! Don't rely on a wardrobe stuck in time or a pair of half-moon spectacles to show your tenure as a distinguished wizard. Add this exclusive Wizard Wig and Beard to your next magical costume. You'll be ready to take on the spookiest Halloween night, promising proteges, and even dark lords.

Price: USD 29.99