Image of Gold Bad to the Bone Women's Costume ID FP554641-L/XL

Gold Bad to the Bone Women's Costume ID FP554641-L/XL

Wow, you got all of your bones dipped in gold? Isn't that expensive? Look, it's no business of ours what you do with your money but well, that probably cost you an arm and a leg (Ba-zing! Did you see that joke coming? Bet you didn't. You were too busy thinking about how much it would actually cost to cover all your bones in gold, right?). Everybody has their own way to show off their bling. Some people buy expensive cars, some get those mouth grills, and a lucky few get gold bones. It's a fantastic and surprising way to one-up your friends. Is there some queen bee always looking down on you? Teach her a lesson by showing up in all gold bones. You'll say "oh hi, no big deal, just got these gold bones now. What are your bones made of?" And she'll grit her boring white teeth and say "my bones are only made out of calcium" Calcium, right? Like, get out of the stone age, lady. Gold bones are where it's at. The best part is that this costume doesn't even require painful surgery! Even better, right? Can you imagine the recovery time on getting all your bones covered in gold? The doctors would shake their heads and say "well, all your bones are gold but... you have gold poisoning now. This was really a terrible idea for a surgery. We're very sorry." Our point is, avoid all of that and just get this costume to show off those curvy bones. Let everyone see how much you shine on the inside and the outside, all in one sleek combination!

Price: USD 69.99

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