Image of Gesipa 1666802 Blind rivet nut M8 100 pc(s)

Gesipa 1666802 Blind rivet nut M8 100 pc(s)

G-Sealed blind rivet nuts has extra pre-coating to offer excellent resistance. G-Sealed is a non-reactive pre-coating that is applied to a lower head gasket for blind rivet nuts, Blind rivet nuts and blind rivets. G-Sealed can be used in many applications, However, due to its excellent thermal and chemical resistance, it is particularly suitable for the automotive industry. The coating is non-reactive as well as non-hardening and also dry, elastic, as well as good grip. The connector provides immediate (re)sealing directly after mounting. G-Sealed blind rivet nuts have good thermal and chemical resistance and are suitable for both metallic, And non-metallic materials. Another advantage of the connector is that it is free of labeling and is therefore not dangerous or harmful to the environment.This text is machine translated.

Price: EUR 114.99

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