Image of Gesipa 1456130 #####Mehrbereichsblindniete Stainless steel Aluminium 500 pc(s)

Gesipa 1456130 #####Mehrbereichsblindniete Stainless steel Aluminium 500 pc(s)

Coloured blind rivets - visually appealing with additional corrosion protection.  GESIPA blind rivets are also available in color version for visually appealing connection of colored components. To ensure the best possible durability, the hollow rivets are used with two-component varnish On epoxy resin basis in burning-in paint lacquer finish. Besides the purely optical advantages of being able to connect colored components in an attractive way, the coating also offers a new feature Additional corrosion protection. Aluminium blind rivet parts are best suitable for this procedure. GESIPA blind rivets are available in standard RAL colors. Also available on request are painted blind rivets in steel as well as other RAL and special colors. Slight color deviations and color changes due to environmental influences such as UV radiation are possible. Another method of coloring the blind rivets and also protecting against corrosion is anodizing. GESIPA blind rivets are anodized using the DC sulfuric acid method. Hidden behind the term anodized The electrolytic oxidation of aluminum. The actual eloxal is colorless at first. Applying a second layer using metal salts results in the desired, fast-fade color. Eloxal is indeed the more complex, but also more durable method for producing colored blind rivets. Anodised blind rivets are also available on request. The range of colored blind rivets includes 16 RAL colors, each in ten dimensions. The blind rivets are made with wet paint drum procedure. Colours are similar to RAL colors.This text is machine translated.

Price: EUR 95.99

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