Image of Gedore RED R21650059 3301635 Tool kit

Gedore RED R21650059 3301635 Tool kit

• Ring spanner: Design according to DIN 3113, shape A, ISO 3318, ISO 7738, angled ring side 15°, open-end position 15°, matt-satin chrome-plated surface, chrome-vanadium steel• Ball peen hammer: Forged hammer head, made of heat-treated steel, inductive hardened impact surfaces, design according to DIN 1041, ash handle, painted stem end, ring wedge • Combination pliers: Design according to DIN ISO 5746, with gripping zones for Flat and round material, inductively hardened blades, 2-component grip, chromium-vanadium steel• Side cutter: Design according to DIN ISO 5749, slim head shape, inductively hardened, long cutting edges, 2-component grip, chrome-vanadium steel• 2K screwdriver: Slotted and cross-head PH, PZ, design according to DIN, blade made of high-quality chrome-molybdenum steel, chrome-plated, output tip phosphated, 2-component grip, 5-edge handle head, slotted hole in handle• Angled screwdriver: Design according to DIN, through-hardened, chromium-vanadium steel, phosphated, in the holder• Flat and cross chisel: Design according to DIN, cut and head ground, slitting started, chromium-vanadium steel• Drive-through driver 8-edge: Design according to DIN 6458, start at the end of the stroke, chrome-vanadium steel• 8-edge center punch: Design according to DIN 7250, start impact end, chrome-vanadium steel• Multi-grip pliers: Design according to DIN 8976 Form C, long-toothed gripping surfaces, with box joint, 7-way adjustable, chrome-vanadium steel, powder-coated• Phase tester: Max. 250 volt, black burnished tip, red plastic sheath, anti-slip grip, plastic clip, design according to DIN 0680-6:1977-04• Round and flat file: Design according to DIN 7261, 2-component handle, hand-protecting power transmission, with hanging hole• Adjustable fork wrench: 15° jaw position, polished head with laser-etched scale, 40-50 HRC, chrome-vanadium steel, chrome-plated• Wooden folding scale: Metric double scale, accuracy class III, EC type approval for continuous mm pitch, beech wood, with riveted joints• Carbide scriber: Pencil and carbide scriber in one pen, straight shape, retractable needle, metal housing, with clip• Supplied in a robust tool caseThis text is machine translated.

Price: EUR 410.00

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