Image of Gay and Lesbian Parents ISBN 9781422298923

Gay and Lesbian Parents ISBN 9781422298923

Author - Julianna Fields
Published 2015/02/03 by Mason Crest
Same-sex marriage is an often-debated topic these days. When children are added to the picture, the issue can become even more controversial. Does growing up in families with gay or lesbian parents harm children? Do they struggle with more issues as adults than those who were raised in more traditional families? These are some of the questions this book addresses. The families in this book have thought about issues like these. Except for those families who already had children when they came out as being homosexual, they have had to go through artificial insemination or adoption in order to have children. These families are intentional and they think a lot about how to give their children the best possible lives. What are the good things about growing up in a family with same-sex parents? What are the difficulties? The families in this book try to answer just those questions.

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