Image of Gangster Red Tie ID FUN0020RD-ST

Gangster Red Tie ID FUN0020RD-ST

Now We're in Business Have you ever noticed that you can get away with a lot more if you're dressed to impress? We're not saying you should try anything the next time you're wearing a suit. It's just a fact of life that people of authority overlook some shenanigans of those who look like they're ready for a highfalutin meeting! That's why the gangsters of the 1920s always looked their best. It wasn't just about fashion. If they wanted to get away with unloading a bootlegged keg of whisky at a speakeasy, then they wanted to look like respectable gentlemen that were above the eye of the law! Ready to step into the shiny shoes of a big-time '20s gangster? Make sure you've got your bases covered. Your hair slicked back, your pants press, and most importantly, a tie that won't look crooked no matter how hard you do the Charleston! Product Details This Made By Us tie is the perfect way to top off your gangster costume. It simply slips over your head so you don't have to remember the difference between a Winsor and a Nicky knot. At 17 inches, it's the perfect length for a range of adult sizes. Get your head into the prohibition game with a tie that's ready for business!

Price: USD 9.99