Image of GYS PROGYS E200 CEL Inverter welder 5 - 200 A

GYS PROGYS E200 CEL Inverter welder 5 - 200 A

Professional electrode welding inverter, 230 V, 5-200A for repair and maintenance work. Weld all common Rutil, stainless steel, cast iron and basic stick electrodes. Professional design - extra strong and long welding/ground cable. Its built-in microprocessor technology enables demanding work and the use of cellulose sheathed stick electrodes in the E-Hand mode. Ventilation duct system for the protection of the board. Rugged powder-coated metal housing PFC power factor corrector optimized power utilization for Max. welding current performance. For professional, international mounting inserts because of the FV flexible power supply voltage (connection to 85 - 265 V is possible - each of the existing power supply voltage is determined automatically and the device electronics will be adjusted). Membrane keypad with digital display. By pressing a button can be switched to WIG welding operation with WIG-LIFT-ignition.

Price: EUR 855.00

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