Image of GARDENA PowerMax 30/18V P4A solo Rechargeable battery Lawn mower w/o battery w/o charger 18 V Cutting width (max) 300

GARDENA PowerMax 30/18V P4A solo Rechargeable battery Lawn mower w/o battery w/o charger 18 V Cutting width (max) 300

The GARDENA PowerMax 30/18V P4A solo battery-operated lawn mower achieves great results on small lawns. The lawnmower is compatible with all the batteries of the Power FOR ALL ALLIANCE. Depending on the battery type used, the operating time can last for up to 225 m² of lawn. The compact design simplifies the maneuvering significantly in combination with the low weight of only 8 kg. Even the transportation over short distances is thus comfortable. The maneuverability makes mowing easier, as hard to reach lawn areas are easily accessible. The doubly hardened DuraEdge blade with precision cut and 30 cm width mows the lawn perfectly with a nice uniform cut result. The optimal position of the 25 liter grass collecting basket ensures an efficient collecting of the cut material. The basket fills completely from back to front, reducing the frequency of emptying and saving time. The powerful, brushless motor retains its high performance even after frequent use and extends the product life of the grass cutter. It is easy to use thanks to the ergonomic grip and it is equally comfortable to operate with one hand or with two hands. This makes the mowing easy and effortless even over long periods of time. The handle can be height adjusted to suit your height by up to three steps. With axial cutting height adjustment, the cutting height can be set in three stages before the start. Each halm of grass is perfectly shortened by the grass combs placed on the side. This also applies along walls and edges. After cutting lawn, the convenient folding function of the beam enables a space-saving storage. The GARDENA battery-operated lawnmower PowerMax 30/18V P4A solo is delivered without charger and Power FOR ALL-battery. Each battery system of the Power FOR ALL ALLIANCE can be used. The Power FOR ALL ALLIANCE is one of the largest battery alliances in the leading manufacturers across brands. Your batteries can be used in many products of leading manufacturers. You don't have to buy an extra battery for each and you save money! For best performance a rechargeable battery with a capacity of at least 4.0 Ah is recommended. The battery-operated lawn mower PowerMax is in combination with the battery as a ready-to-use set (item no. 14630-20).This text is machine translated.

Price: EUR 189.99

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