Image of Focusing of Charged Particles ID 101159781483270616

Focusing of Charged Particles ID 101159781483270616

Author - Septier, Albert
Electricity - Physics - 2013/10/01 - Academic Press
Focusing of Charged Particles, Volume I deals with the various aspects of problems in corpuscular optics such as the need for new focusing principles to guide the beams of fast particles over long distances and to increase the internal efficiency of particle accelerators. This volume is comprised of articles from specialists who attempt to find solutions to various problems in geometrical corpuscular optics. The topics discussed in the book include the general properties of potentials, fields and trajectories, the methods for resolving Laplace's and Poisson's equations and computing trajectories with or without space charge, and a description of the methods used for the measurement of magnetic fields. The optics of straight axis systems for producing and focusing low-intensity beams: high-brightness electron guns, electrostatic and magnetic electron lenses, and strong focusing lenses for high-energy beams are covered as well. The text ends with the elucidation of the problem of the production of electron microprobes. Physicists, students, researchers, and engineers working with charged particles will find the book invaluable.

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