Image of Flying Ahead of the Airplane ISBN 9780754693215

Flying Ahead of the Airplane ISBN 9780754693215

Author - Nawal K. Taneja
Published 2008/11/01 by Ashgate Gower
Airlines willing to develop insight from foresight relating to the expected 'step phase changes' will eventually improve their margins. However, the backwardlooking airline, managed using old strategic levers and shortterm metrics, will cease to exist, merge, shrink, become more dependent on government support, or become irrelevant. 'Management innovations' are not going to deliver the required improvements; innovation within management is essential for airlines' survival. In "Flying Ahead of the Airplane", Nawal Taneja analyzes global changes and thoughtprovoking scenarios to help airline executives adjust and adapt to the chaotic world. Drawing on his experience of real airline situations worldwide, the author concludes that there is a gulf between what executives are doing now and what they need to do to stay ahead of the curve. To close this gap, the author suggests that airline executives focus on just three relevant initiatives: aligning business and technology strategies, redesigning organization structures to centralize the role of the scheduling function, and developing relevant brands that integrate social networking technology. To support this third initiative, the book provides insights on branding from 20 fascinating nonaviation case studies from around the world."Flying Ahead of the Airplane" will assist practitioners in airlines of every size to integrate future trends into their mainstream thinking and launch flexible business models to manage risk and compete effectively in the 'flattening world'.

Price: CAD 64.69

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