Image of FUN Wear Adult Toil and Trouble Ugly Halloween Sweatshirt

FUN Wear Adult Toil and Trouble Ugly Halloween Sweatshirt

Sorcerous Small Talk "Hey there, Bathilda! What's in the cauldron? It smells absolutely hideous! It's a nefarious concoction used to curse an unsuspecting princess, isn't it?" "No." "Oooooh, is it a baleful brew made from eye of newt, designed to transform your enemies into harmless toads?" "Nuh-uh." "Perhaps it's some sort of elixir to transform you into a black cat, so you can sneak through the village undetected!" "Not even close." "I know! It's a potion made from the tears of children, that will give you immortality and eternal youth. "What? No, it's not any of those things, Demelza!" "Well then, Bathilda. What IS it?" "Lunch." Fun Details A conversation between witches... on a sweater that's designed to keep you cozy this Halloween! Our Toil and Trouble Ugly Halloween Sweater is part of our Made by Us line of ugly Halloween sweaters, created by our team of designers. It's made from a cotton and acrylic blend, so it'll feel just as comfy as the sweater that grandma makes. This one has a witch-inspired design, complete with a bubbling cauldron full of who-knows-what. It's mixed with an ominous skull, giving it truly spooky aura. You can wear it as a unique outfit option at your next Halloween costume party or add it to your fall wardrobe!
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