Image of EU Forma Gem Dry Boots Black Taille 42

EU Forma Gem Dry Boots Black Taille 42

Forma Gem Dry Boots Black Introducing the Forma Gem Dry - waterproof ladies boots that redefine comfort and durability on the open road. Crafted with full-grain oiled leather, these boots are your perfect partner for longer rides. Designed specifically for women, the unique lady/touring compound mid-heel rubber sole ensures stability and comfort, mile after mile. Whether you're cruising through rain or shine, the Forma Gem Dry boots are built to keep you moving forward.  Features of the Gem Dry * Full-grain oiled leather upper: This premium material not only gives the boots an elegant look but also offers exceptional durability and water resistance. Perfect for riders who demand both style and substance. * Specific lady/touring compound mid-heel rubber sole: Tailored for the female rider, this sole provides unparalleled grip and comfort, making long tours a breeze. It's designed to handle the rigors of the road, while keeping your feet comfortable all day long. * Zip and front strap closure: For ease of use and a secure fit, these boots feature a practical zip and front strap closure system. This means less time fiddling with your boots and more time enjoying the ride. * Rear reflective insert: Safety meets style with this clever feature. The reflective insert enhances visibility in low-light conditions, keeping you safer on your evening or early morning rides. * Personalized Forma Drytex tubular lining (waterproof and breathable): Say goodbye to wet feet. This lining keeps water out while allowing your feet to breathe, ensuring comfort in all weather conditions. * Ankle TPU plastic protections: Your safety is paramount, which is why these boots include reinforced ankle protections. This TPU plastic is tough against impacts, safeguarding your ankles from the unexpected. * Soft polymer padding with memory foam: Every step feels like walking on clouds, thanks to the soft polymer padding. The memory foam adapts to the shape of your foot, providing personalized comfort that lasts all day. * Easy Fit last dedicated exclusively for a women’s fit: Designed with the female foot in mind, these boots offer a fit that's both comfortable and secure, tailored to the unique contours of women's feet. * PP Mid Dual Flex with antishock EVA midsole: This feature ensures flexibility and shock absorption, protecting your feet on uneven terrains. The dual flex system supports the natural movement of your foot, while the EVA midsole cushions against shocks. * Anti-bacterial replaceable footbed: Hygiene and comfort go hand in hand with this innovative footbed. It's designed to keep your feet fresh, preventing the buildup of bacteria and offering easy replacement when needed. Do you need more information about this product? Contact us (). We gladly help you out in your search for new motorcycle gear. Want to see more? Then look at our Forma boots () category page.
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Price: EUR 161.96

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