Image of Dwarf Key Lime Tree (Height: 18 - 26 IN Shape: Standard Burlap Sack: No)

Dwarf Key Lime Tree (Height: 18 - 26 IN Shape: Standard Burlap Sack: No)

Growing citrus trees comes with many benefits: it’s fragrance is fresh and relaxing – a natural air freshener – and the fruit that is just within your reach is delicious, refreshing and can be used for cooking, mixing drinks, baking and even cleaning; plus, it is so easy to grow. The same thing can be said for the Key Lime tree or commonly known as Mexican Key Lime tree. The Key Lime tree is native to the small islands on the southern tip of eastern Florida. Mexican Key Lime trees are relatively small and seldom reach 12 ft in height. This hardy citrus tree is naturally resistant to pests and diseases and can adapt to many types of soil. It is bushy and has spindling branches that has short to medium length thorns. Key Lime Trees produce small white flowers that emit a spectacular aromatic scent that can last a whole season through. Another notable aspect of this type of lime trees is that they are self-pollinating; meaning you only need one tree for it to bear fruits. All you have to do is take one flower from your tree and swab it over the other blooms and pollination process is already underway. The Key Lime tree – including the dwarf key lime tree – produces small, just about 1 ½ to 2 inches in diameter, and round to oblong fruit that has an invigorating blend of acidity and sweetness that is unique and unlike any other lime in the world. The rind of Key Lime is thin and smooth, and the color is deep-green when unripe that turns to pale green when ready to be harvested. It also has 10 to 15 seeds that are polyembryonic.

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