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DiRT 4 Europe Steam CD Key

DiRT 4, developed by Codemasters Software studio, is the next installment of the popular series of car games, launched in 2007 by Colin McRae: DiRT. The title is a natural extension of the ideas known from its predecessors, but it can also boast a large number of new elements, including the FIA World Rallycross Championship license and extensive possibilities of managing a team of engineers, which are waiting to be tested in the career mode. The production discussed here went to, among others, personal computers; It is worth mentioning that the brand she represents is the spiritual heir to the iconic Colin McRae Rally.  Your Stage In  DiRT 4implemented a special module called Your Stage, which allows you to create your own routes in a simple and intuitive way - we can share our creations with other players and even compete for a better time score. Pick you own difficulty DiRT 4  has two main difficulty settings: Normal and Simulation, to help you decide how hard you want your game to be. You can also tweak the various assist systems to further modify the experience to suit your needs and skills.Play the game as hard or as impossible as you like it! A mode for everyone DiRT 4  has various gameplay variants . The basic one is the Career mode, where we create our own driver, and as we achieve success, we acquire new sponsors and build a better and more efficient team. In addition, the title offers a competitive multiplayer mode, and is complemented by daily, weekly and monthly challenges. The RaceNet service takes care of everything - it organizes online leagues and tournaments. The system also watches over online rankings, where players can boast about their results. Great for rally purists DiRT 4 is the perfect game for fans of rally games and know everything there is to know about racing. Iconic tracks, licensed cars, and enough things to tweak to provide long hours of careful fine-tuning your chosen vehicle's performance. On track you have the indispensable help from a pilot, doing what pilots do: helping you shave seconds off your time, instead of ending on a tree.  No longer will you veer wildly off the road just because one tire touched some off-road surface. DiRT 4 tracks grip for every tire individually, and that's just the beginning. Be careful about the weather, too, because it could be as much of an obstacle as the track ahead of you. The difficulty is certain to make every mastered track an immensely satisfying experience.

Price: USD 53.25

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