Image of Deluxe Kid's Mad Hatter Costume ID FUN1236CH-S

Deluxe Kid's Mad Hatter Costume ID FUN1236CH-S

Your kid deals with a lot of rules at school; he’s not allowed to run in the hallways. He’s not allowed to chew gum. He’s not allowed to talk out of turn. He can’t even use the bathroom without asking! You get the picture; life is rough in second grade. Here are two major school rules that almost everyone must abide: 1) No hats permitted and 2) no going “mad” in class! Bah. Schools have gotten so uptight these days, right? But on Halloween, most of those strict rules get thrown out the window, making it the perfect day to dress up like you’re headed to a whimsical tea party--in a big ole’ hat, to boot! Give your child a chance to go a little wild this holiday in this Child Deluxe Mad Hatter Costume. It will tickle his fancy and help him feel fanciful, even while learning about the solar system or practicing spelling. It may even inspire him to write a creative new story for English class! He will feel exactly like he has just stepped into Wonderland in this three-piece suit. He’ll even have his very own ascot to wear to class. And while there is no direct “no ascot” rule, we’re guessing bygone formal wear is generally frowned upon. But again, not on Halloween! The gigantic hat will block the view of every seat behind him, but it won’t matter--the real lesson those kids need to learn is how to gently bend the rules in style!

Price: USD 69.99

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