Image of Dark Wizard Black and Silver Men's Costume ID SG80197B-XXL

Dark Wizard Black and Silver Men's Costume ID SG80197B-XXL

The Legends Are True  A tall tower broods on the horizon. It's quiet during the day, but flashes of purple lightning and bright silver sparks erupt from the top when the moon is full. The villagers only talk about it in hushed voices. Rumor has it that a mystical wizard lives there. Supposedly he was the one who helped a long-ago king pull the sword from the stone, or maybe he was the one who fought off an entire army of warlocks on his own. Whatever he is, no one really wants to mess with him. Product Details Unleash your powers in a Dark Wizard Black and Silver Costume for Men! A long, ankle-length robe is made of breathable black fabric and has long sleeves. An hood with a cowl collar is made of dark fabric printed with a pattern of shiny moons and stars and trimmed in metallicsilver ribbon. Same-material streamers drape down the front. A belt buckles around your waist at the top of a drape moon and star fabric. Pull up the hood to give yourself an air of mystery!  A Force For...Chaotic Good  Are you a wizard who uses his incredible powers for good, or do you wield magic for your own nefarious purposes? Honestly, it depends on the day, and how hangry you feel. That's understandable. Regardless, you'll look incredible as a powerful sorcerer this Halloween! All you need is a beard if you want appear to have incredible wisdom, and maybe a staff with a cool top. 

Price: USD 54.99

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