Image of Dainese Tempest 3 D-Dry Lady Pants Black Black Ebony Talla 44

Dainese Tempest 3 D-Dry Lady Pants Black Black Ebony Talla 44

Dainese Tempest 3 D-Dry Lady Pants Black Black Ebony Meet the ultimate companion for the female rider who defies the weather: the Tempest 3 D-Dry® Lady Pants by Dainese. Engineered for year-round adventures, these pants promise comfort and safety regardless of the forecast. The innovative D-Dry® waterproof membrane ensures you stay dry, turning every day into a perfect riding opportunity. Cold days are no match for the removable thermal lining, while the Pro-Armor Lev. 2 knee protectors offer unmatched safety without sacrificing mobility. Designed to sync seamlessly with the Dainese Tempest 3 D-Dry® Lady jacket, these pants are your ticket to uncompromised riding pleasure.     Features of the Dainese Tempest 3 D-Dry Lady Pants * 2 Outer Pockets: These aren't just any pockets; they're designed for ease of access and security, ensuring your essentials are safe and within reach while you're on the move. * Compatible with Dainese Pants Braces Kit: For those who demand extra security and fit, these pants offer compatibility with Dainese's innovative braces kit, ensuring your gear stays precisely where you need it, no matter how hard you ride. * Reflective Inserts: Safety isn't just about what you wear, it's about being seen. These pants feature strategically placed reflective inserts to enhance your visibility in low-light conditions. * Adjustable and Removable Pro-Armor on Knees: Certified to EN 1621.1 Lev. 2, these protectors offer top-tier safety with the flexibility to adjust or remove as needed, marrying protection with comfort in an unprecedented way. * Hips Predisposition for Pro-Shape 2.0: Ready for the next level of protection? These pants are prepped to integrate Pro-Shape 2.0 soft protectors, offering certified hip safety without sacrificing mobility. * Air Vents on Thighs: Engineered for breathability, these pants feature air vents to keep you cool on warmer rides, ensuring comfort without compromising on protection. * Waterproof D-Dry® Membrane & Removable Thermal Layer: The dual-layer design offers ultimate weather adaptability. The D-Dry® membrane keeps you dry, while the removable thermal layer adds warmth when you need it, ensuring comfort across a broad spectrum of conditions. Extras with the Dainese Tempest 3 D-Dry Lady Pants * Calf Zip: For ease of wear and a snug fit around your boots, the calf zip feature ensures your pants slip on smoothly and stay secure. * Jacket-Pants Fastening System: A game-changer for rider comfort and protection, this system ensures your jacket and pants work as a unified defense against the elements and in case of a slide. * Waist Adjustment: Personalize your fit with the adjustable waist, designed to ensure your pants fit perfectly, enhancing comfort and safety on every ride. * EN 17092 A Certified Motorbike Garment: This certification is your assurance of quality, safety, and performance, meeting stringent standards for motorcycle gear. Ready to elevate your ride with gear that stands up to every challenge? Contact us () for more details, or explore more of our Dainese motorcycle clothing () and discover the perfect Motorcycle Pants () for your next adventure. The journey to ultimate riding comfort and protection starts here!
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