Image of Clifford the Big Red Dog Plus Size Costume for Adults ID FUN6920PL-4X

Clifford the Big Red Dog Plus Size Costume for Adults ID FUN6920PL-4X

Live Your Best Life Let's face it. There are just some types of behavior that dogs can get away with, but humans can't. Just imagine the strange looks you'd get from the neighbors if you howled every time a visitor rang the doorbell or if you ate food off the ground whenever someone accidentally dropped a couple of crumbs. Yup, there are just some forms of conduct that are better done by our canine comrades. However, we totally get your struggle because we think our dogs have the best lives. Sleeping for a good portion of the day, then going out to play fetch, then coming back inside to eat a big ol' helping of kibble sounds ideal to us, too (go figure). So, when we want to take a break from human life to experience life as a pooch, we reach for our exclusive Clifford the Big Red Dog costume. It allows you to explore life as Emily Elizabeth's giant red pup!  Design & Details Just hop inside the soft zip-up jumpsuit with attached mitts and shoe covers, and you're ready for a tail-wagging good time. Now you can freely engage in all the dog-like behavior inside the comfort of your own home while looking exactly like the cartoon dog you've always wanted as your pet. Go ahead, chew on your own shoes, rub your butt on the carpet, dig a hole in the garden, and play a game of fetch with yourself! However, not under any circumstances do we promote you lifting your leg on the fire hydrant outside. That will always be a no-no for grown-ups who are wearing dog costumes.... sorry, there's nothing we can do about that! Destined for Cuddles Once you become everyone's favorite giant, red doggo, not only do you get to enjoy the delights of a life of comfort, but everyone will want to give you some head scratches!

Price: USD 69.99

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