Image of China’s Outward-Oriented Higher Education Internationalization

China’s Outward-Oriented Higher Education Internationalization

This book introduces a new typology of “inward- and outward-oriented” higher education internationalization, and investigates China’s current situation of shifting from a mainly “inward-oriented” higher education internationalization to a more balanced approach. It describes the gap between China’s soft power goals of using higher education internationalization for image and influence enhancement and the reality, and examines the three major dimensions of China’s “outward-oriented” higher education internationalization (i.e. the Confucius Institute program based on Sino-foreign higher education collaboration, international development aid in higher education, and higher education level international student recruitment) based on reflections provided by international graduate students in English instruction programs in education-related majors in three Chinese universities. Providing both theoretical insights and real-world examples, this book is suitable for higher education researchers, graduate students in the relevant fields, administrators of higher education institutions, and policymakers in the government sector.

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