Image of Chamberlain Comfort ML700EV Garage door opener 700 N

Chamberlain Comfort ML700EV Garage door opener 700 N

The product name Comfort we have ML 700 EV for good reason, added. Because it is precisely this comfort that you and your family quality of life around the unfamiliar home. In the future, overhead door opens your schwingtor or kipptor at the push of a button as if by magic. At a maximum tensile force of 700 N stemmt the powerful garage door openers doors up to 90 kg and the whisper mode and very gentle on the material (soft start, soft stop). The maintenance-free tooth belt drive provides for effective power transfer. This shows, among other things, on the speed: with 16 cm per second opens the garage door and you can certainly not in the Rain. The sophisticated garage door drive comfort catches the smart home already in the garage. Because the comfort version is also MyQ-compatible and can be used on request via smartphone or tablet from anywhere in the world monitored and operated (optional accessory MyQ-Starter Kit required, recommended for sectional doors). With the garage door openers comfort, the save after the acquisition. The powerful helper consumes only 0.8 watts in standby mode. Also the economical and durable LED lighting does the budget cash good. Since Chamberlain has always been the philosophy of do-it-yourself, this product supports the highest value to a simple assembly. For example, the complete drive with only a wrench to assemble in a short period of time. In order to complete your construction are included in this practical helper still two additional design hand-held transmitter as well as a wired wall switch. This text is machine translated.

Price: EUR 179.99

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