Image of CTEK 40-322 eMobility charging cable 5 m

CTEK 40-322 eMobility charging cable 5 m

The charging cables for electric vehicles are made of wear-resistant and non-flammable plastic, which conforms to the specifications of the standard V-0. They are equipped with durable, heat-dissipating connections made of break-proof synthetic resin, which are absolutely safe to handle. The cables are CE-SGS approved and are covered by a two-year warranty. All charging cables from CTEK are designed for all charging stations of mode 3 and for up to three phases as well as 32 A. Even if your vehicle is designed only for single phase to 16 A, you can charge it safely with all cables of CTEK This means that you can already purchase a charging cable from CTEK for electric vehicles today and be sure that with this charger cable in the future you will also be able to charge a larger electric vehicleThis text is machine translated.

Price: EUR 315.00

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