Image of COSMIC CONSCIOUSNESS: Do-It-Yourself Manual ID 101159780976318101

COSMIC CONSCIOUSNESS: Do-It-Yourself Manual ID 101159780976318101

Author - Dyushambee DD, Rama, Demetrius
Adult - New Age - 2004/11/01 - YOUtopia INstitute
This manual contains detailed information about what is required to be aware of, understand and use to enter, self-prepared for the best outcome, The New Paradigm era, which is beginning for this planets' human species, and why it is important, and necessary. Presented is a wide spectrum of techniques and methods for a variety of 'paths', which can assist each reader to choose the path that is most suitable to pursue, attain, maintain and sustain maximum benefit for the three- literal, mystical and symbolic-aspects of human existence. The Cosmic Detective has used the Tantric technique, described in weaving terms as "warp and woof", meaning "threads woven on a loom". For maximum utilization, by the reader, of the vast amount of information resources available in the World Wide Web Internet of Cyberspace, formatting involves the intricate smooth interweaving of related quotes, references and independent Internet Web site links inserted into the text with graphics and audio for immediate online access to sources and references for the establishment of individual self-initiation methods, techniques, guidance, assistance, support and inspiration.

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