Image of Brockhaus Heuer 103120 Swivel mount 103120

Brockhaus Heuer 103120 Swivel mount 103120

Thanks to THE Heuer rotary table, the bench vice can freely rotate through 360° in one level. Exactly in the position you need for machining the workpiece. The rotary table – and thus the vice – can be locked exactly at the desired position by the robust locking mechanism with a small spindle wrench according to the tested HEUER principle. The particularly positive properties are design-related. Because THE Heuer turntable has a closed recording plate. This prevents dirt and grinding chips from penetrating into the guide. Steel-forged rotating collar and support plate grip precisely into each other and thus guarantee a precise guiding. The guide surfaces are of course machined to ensure the most resistant operation possible. The Heuer turntable has a particularly flat design but is extremely sturdy. The Heuer turntable is available for all Heuer bench vice sizes.This text is machine translated.

Price: EUR 75.99

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